Before you throw out that old furniture check to see by whom it was made. The following companies made excellent upholstered furniture:


  • Barrymore
  • Beatz
  • Braemore
  • Coombes
  • Cooper Brothers
  • Farquharson-Gifford
  • Fry & Blackhall
  • Kroehler
  • Sklar
  • Sklar-Peppler
  • Snider


If in doubt about which company made your furniture, just make sure it is at least 10 years old.



Customer Comments


Although I have had the rejuvenated chair for over a year - I am still overcome with pride and pleasure when I see the chair and the fabric. Indeed, it is a rare day that, either when I leave in the morning or return at night, I don't admire and give thanks for the beauty that you created.


Diane Ryerson. Ottawa, ON

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Moving to a smaller home, we can change your sofa into a loveseat. When downsizing, your best investment may be the furniture you are already sitting on.

Older furniture is of higher quality and can be easily converted to match your new lifestyle. We may even be able to use your existing fabric. An investment that considers the past and the future.

Of course, we also build custom seating to fit any space. Call for a free quotation at (613) 224-2150.

Barneveld... The Shape of Things to Come

Our line of environmentally friendly, customizable furniture. Classic designs for today's lifestyle. Introducing Barneveld, combining the best of the past with modern style and attitude.

Our Continued Commitment to Quality

Over the three generations in which Kessels' Upholstering has been in business we have maintained one ideal. That is our commitment to quality. Quality in upholstering, quality in sales, and quality in service to you, our customers. This is a commitment we will continue to uphold with the utmost pride.

Kessels is proud to lead the upholstering/decor industry into the new millennium with innovation and new ideas. And with innovation comes responsibility. We are responsible to our customers to see that they receive the best of everything that we do.

Kessels has been an industry leader for more that 80 years and we will continue to be a leader for the next 80 years. I hope that you will come back and visit often to see what we have to offer you in fine upholstering, furniture, and home decor.

Leo Kessels
Kessels' Upholstering Limited
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